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Khyl Powell

About Khyl Powell

Khyl Powell

I love God, my country, my family, and my personal liberty.  I was raised by loving parents that instilled in me values and principles of integrity, altruism, honesty, loyalty, hard work, education, to be upstanding and forthright, to love and serve my fellowman, to defend our freedoms, to help the weak and the oppressed, to sustain our Constitution and to never be afraid to stand up for what is right.

I have always lived by the pledge to be engaged in doing good things. I have lived in Arizona the majority of my life, and we have lived in Gilbert for over 25 years. I was a former employee of the Phoenix Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  I served the greater Phoenix area as the President and owner of a multi-million dollar service company for 24 years. I have consulted and engineered service solutions for Fortune 500 companies. I have received awards from service and business groups, I’ve owned and managed a successful Industrial Real Estate Development company in Gilbert for 20 years, and I’ve given back to the Town of Gilbert by serving on the Planning and Zoning Board and by serving on the Small Business Alliance board, lobbying the Town of Gilbert as an advocate for small businesses.

I’m a lifelong Republican who has been active in the Party for years.  And most importantly, I have been married for over 48 years to my beautiful wife Lorrain. Together we have three wonderful children and eleven grandchildren. My family is my first priority and my greatest joy.  

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Every man has the right to exercise his own conscience, to benefit from his own labors, to voice his own opinions without reprisals.

Khyl Powell Conservative

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