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Khyl Powell

On the Issues

"There is much to do, but securing our borders and our elections, fighting inflation and rising prices, and protecting our liberties from Joe Biden and Katie Hobbs, have to be at the top of the list."

Election Integrity 

Critical to the foundation of our society is trust in our elections.  Without it, people lose faith in their elected leaders and the system itself.  So we need elections that are transparent, auditable, and secure. No ballot harvesting, no same day registration, no ranked choice voting. Just good ol’ fashioned honest elections.

Border Security

Arizona is a sovereign state with the obligation and right to secure our borders.  Our border wall needs to be finished and we need to support our border patrol and law enforcement as they work to keep us safe. The flow of violence, fentanyl, and crime must stop.

2nd Amendment 

As individuals we have the God-given right to protect ourselves, our families and our community.  I will always defend that right.


Every child has the moral right to life and we, as a society, should protect and value that life. This includes help for expecting and new mothers and fathers.

Public Safety

I’ve spent years working with law enforcement, and I know Public Safety is really Job #1 for government, and I’ll always support those who keep us safe. While the left wants to defund the police and turn Gilbert into San Francisco, I’m here to back the blue and keep our state safe.

Donald Trump

It is odd that some struggle with choosing between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Our nation and economy were profoundly stronger under Donald Trump, and I’m certainly going to do everything I can to ensure that Joe Biden is removed from the White House this November.

Stopping Katie Hobbs

Every effort Katie Hobbs makes to encourage woke ideology, enact excessive regulations, limit our rights and freedoms, raise our taxes, yield to corporatism, push DEI, or otherwise turn us into California will be fought against 24/7/365 by me.

Economy & Jobs

Arizona has had one of America’s strongest economies because of our pro-growth environment. Let’s keep Arizona on the right track when it comes to attracting high-wage jobs and helping Arizona businesses grow and thrive.

Inflation & Interest Rates

Inflation destroys the purchasing power of our families and slows economic growth. We need to lower inflation and interest rates as quickly as possible.

Schools & School Choice

Parents have the right and moral obligation to secure the educational welfare of their children, and we know education and knowledge are essential to the success of our kids and our society.  Arizona is a national leader in school choice and we need to protect it from the radical left.


Low taxes have helped Arizonans enjoy record economic growth, job growth, and overall success. Let’s keep taxes low, reduce any excessive government bureaucracies and regulations, and make life and achieving success easier for every Arizonan.


Here in the desert southwest we know water is essential to our lives and our economy. Ensuring a long-term supply of clean water must be a part of Arizona’s long-term planning. 

LGBTQ/Woke/Girls Sports 

It is reprehensible and blatantly irresponsible to ignore the differences in gender and biological sex. It is an obligation in a civil society to protect biological girls from ever allowing a biological male individual to compete in female sports.

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